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These two varieties are considered almost the same but KS-282 Long Grain Rice is having better Quality than IRRI-06 Long Grain Rice. KS-282 purely hails from Punjab Region of Pakistan while IRRI-06 Long Grain is the crop of Sindh Region of Pakistan. KS-282 shows less belly white character, less sticky as compared to IRRI-06 and having more physical length but overall graded under same cadre of Long Grain Rice. Most of the times the prices of KS-282 Long Grain Rice remains at higher end but months between September to December, it remains almost equal or sometimes competitive than IRRI-06 and gets good demand from customers.

Product specifications are as under.
Broken : 05% to 35% as per requirement of Customer Average Grain Length : 6.60
Damage Grains : 0.50% Foreign Grain : Absent
Foreign Matter : Absent Aflatoxin B1 : 02 ppb
Total Aflatoxin (B1,BII, GI,GII) : 04 ppb Genetic Modification : Absent (Zero)
Pesticide Levels : As per requirement of importing Region Heavy Metals : As per requirement of importing Region

Available Forms:

16- Long Grain White Rice

17- Long Grain Brown Rice

18- Long Grain Parboiled Rice

100% Broken:
This is the cheapest form of rice which is mostly consumed in West African regions like Senegal and Mauritania.

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