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PK-386 Long Grain Rice:

PK-386 Long Grain Rice is non-aromatic and non-basmati rice but its cooking characters are observed close to Basmati. This variety has gained substantial space on shelves of Gulf Market and commonly known as Biryani Rice. This variety caters the middle class rice eaters as it is second to Super Basmati Rice but far better than IRRI-09 Long Grain Rice. Though it is called Long Grain Rice but its texture and taste is quite close to Super Basmati Rice. Total Production of PK-386 Long Grain Rice in Pakistan remains around 0.50 million Tons.

Product specifications are as under.
Purity : 90% Broken : 02%
Average Grain Length : 6.80 Damage Grains : 0.50%
Foreign Grain : Absent Foreign Matter : Absent
Aflatoxin B1 : 02 ppb Total Aflatoxin (B1,BII, GI,GII) : 04 ppb
Genetic Modification : Absent (Zero) Pesticide Levels : As per requirement of importing Region
Heavy Metals : As per requirement of importing Region

Available Forms:

8- PK-386 Long Grain White Rice (Both Old and New Crops)

9- PK-386 Long Grain Brown Rice (Both Old and New Crops)

10- PK-386 Long Grain Parboiled Rice (Both Old and New Crops)

11- PK-386 Long Grain Steamed Rice (Both Old and New Crops)

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