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Rice Purchase Procedure!

See how we adopt the Best Quality Rice Purchase procedure.
Our Quality Assurance Programme (QAP) starts from selection and procurement of finest quality raw paddy, as only best raw materials produce high quality products.

Our procurement procedure is significantly different from the rest of rice industries. Professional approach supported by a strong financial background are the key drivers in the whole process. Before the procurement of Paddy a complete survey of the whole area is conducted and a survey report is generated. The areas that show data supporting to healthy, disease free crop become the ultimate target of procurement. Initially five trucks from each location are procured. These are then run on pilot plant in order the get the information regarding quality and yield. The area that shows high quality rice with less broken %age and excellent cooking results bounded by high yield become the target of procurement. We purchase paddy both from direct farmers (Gate Purchase) as well as commission agents, but emphasis is given to the farmers in order to get more pure product. Each and every truck is analyzed, allowed if it qualifies the stringent quality parameters of Atlas Foods, other-wise rejected.

In case of procurement of rice, different suppliers are evaluated from different areas and a supplier evaluation form is generated as documentary evidence. The supplier who proves to be best in terms of quality, cost and commitment comes under the definition of approved supplier and hence we procure rice from approved suppliers.



Our organization owns imported silos having storage facility of 25,000 tons of paddy of any type. These are imported from GSI (USA) and serving their best intended purpose. Very effective and automatic temperature and humidity balance ensures good storage practice to avoid the product from damage and aflatoxin production. Routine tests are carried out in order to check the moisture level, humidity level and aflatoxin level (Through Elisa Kit Method) and are noted in monitoring log


Our parboiling machinery is purely imported from India along with complete production technology. It is since 2010 that we are producing parboiled products in different varieties of the rice and cater various markets worldwide. Our group has foreseen proactively in 2010 that demand of the world is now shifting towards steaming technology where customer don’t need to wait whole year for aging of rice but only just couple of months. Steaming technology serves the purpose of aging where starch level of the rice is reduced which results in significant improvement in cooking and reduction in stickiness. These two parameters if controlled then rice is addressed as aged. Our group is equipped with complete steaming unit and producing premium quality steamed products particularly 1121 steamed rice.


Dryers are used to reduce the moisture level of the paddy in order to enhance the quality and shelf life of the product. There are 06 Column dryers in our group which dries 5000 bags of the paddy in one day. 04 Dryers are purely subjected to dry field paddy while two dries serves the purpose to dry parboiled paddy.


Dried paddy then passes through abrasive huskers which separate rice from husk. Husk is separated by pneumatic pressure and high mass rice heads toward paddy separators.


Pre-Cleaners installed in all our production facilities are of Buhler Make which ensures the separation of foreign impurities from raw un-processed rice.</p?

De-stoners are critical control points in our production process as well as HACCP system. These are of Buhler make and give excellent results in separating stones from Un-processed rice.


Paddy separators separates any left over kernals of paddy from un-processed rice and forwards only product free from single grain of paddy in rice.


These machines process the rice on basis of width of the grain. All immature grains and other than rice grains get separated in this process step.


We have installed Buhler’s technology in this process too where imported whiteners separates bran from rice and makes the rice white from brown form.


It gives eye catching appeal to rice grain. After whitening the soft brushers of polishers enhances glitter of rice to desired Kett level (Polishing level) and makes the rice either double polished, silky touch and high silky product as per requirement of the customer.


Rotary sifters separate ¼ th grain of the rice from polished product.

Length Graders:

Group of length graders of different sizes serve the purpose to grade the rice on the basis of length. This process removes broken kernals of all types from the whole rice before it proceeds towards sorting process. We have facility to deliver the product from AGL starting from 6.5 mm till 8.50 mm with courtesy to these graders.


This equipment plays pivotal role in producing the appealed level of product. Optical technology of Color Sortex is critical control point in our Food Safety HACCP system. It removes damaged grains, color grains, colored material, green kernals and other impurities from final product.


Our group owns completely automatic packing facilities which packs rice from 500 grams till 40 Kg. We do pack one Ton Big bags too.


This equipment assures that final packed product shall free from any type of ferrous and non-ferrous metal from rice. This German make metal detectors detects metals from 01 kg to 20 Kg pack from online conveyor system.