Mission & Vission

Mission Statement.
Our Group Ltd packs and serves premium quality rice which not only show full adherence to regulatory requirement of importing country but also reach high satisfaction of its consumer. Atlas Foods endeavors to deliver the product which appeals in both before and after cook length, wholesome, nutritious and free from all types of Physical, Chemical and Microbiological Hazards. The quality of our products when displayed in dining brings commendable appreciation for the host and serve its best intended purpose. The wide range of the rice varieties gives opportunity of superb selection for our customer according to his most suitable requirement and exhibits excellent in various rice recipes.

Vision Statement:
Our Group aims to enhance the range of its products in order to improve its nutritional value by limiting its introduction against the factors which hurts it. We therefore will be launching wide range of organic rices which will be added in the nutritional plan of our esteemed customer soon. We will adopt updated quality management systems with passage of time to utilize and apply the latest knowledge to assure the delivery of quality products to our customer. Research and Development is the backbone of every progressive food industry therefore our foods scientists and engineers will always remain engaged in innovations to serve new products to our venerated customers.

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